Complaints process

Always striving to improve

We deal with all complaints in a timely, professional and courteous manner, in accordance with our complaints procedure. If you have a complaint, a suggestion for how we can improve or indeed, a compliment, please use our contact form to let us know.

Our Project Manager or, on housing projects, our dedicated Resident Liaison Officer, will take full responsibility for the complaint through to resolution.

All complaints are recorded using a customer complaint form and logged on our head office central complaint register. Complaints are dealt with promptly, and a letter of acknowledgement sent within three working days of receipt.

The Project Manager, or Resident Liaison Officer, will interview all persons connected with the complaint. All available information about the incident will be sent to our HSEQ department. If the complaint can be resolved quickly, the appropriate remedial action will be taken in the timescale agreed and the works signed off by the Complainant.

If a resolution cannot be agreed, the report will be passed to our HSEQ Manager. They will then carry out a detailed investigation of the complaint. In these instances, the HSEQ Manager will recommend the best course of action. If required, they will escalate to the Managing Director to seek instruction and direction.

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