Fire Safety

Keeping your people and buildings safe

The Elkins team has a wide range of experience delivering fire safety solutions for residential and commercial buildings in London and the south east. We provide fire safety strategies, risk assessments and preventative works to ensure the safety of our clients’ buildings and the people that occupy them.

Fire prevention services

The new Building Safety Act was introduced to improve the standard of buildings and secure the safety of people moving in or around them. Our team know the importance of the bill and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure projects are delivered in line with its requirements.

We implement a wide range of safety measures, using industry-leading materials and technologies, which help prevent and slow the spread of fire, minimising the risk to people and damage to buildings. Our fire prevention services include:

  • Compartmentalisation
  • Penetration sealing
  • Cavity barriers
  • Fire doors
  • Active fire protection
  • Passive fire protection

Fire assessments and strategies

Fire safety documentation, such as risk assessments and safety strategies, help demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. A professional fire risk assessment should be carried out regularly to assess the building’s fire risk and make recommendations on how to improve its fire prevention methods. Fire safety strategies are complex documents which analyse the potential spread of a fire and set out a plan to minimise the damage caused in the event of one. Every building, not just new builds, should have a fire safety strategy.

At Elkins, we work with accredited assessors and chartered fire engineers to carry out fire risk assessments and create fire strategies on our new build and refurbishment projects. By partnering with fire safety experts, we’re able to provide the highest levels of quality and compliance to our clients.

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