Residents’ charter

Our commitment to you

When working in or near your home we will always strive to:


Make sure that you are at the centre of everything we do.


Let you know about how, when and what we will be doing to your property or your local area through resident meetings, newsletters and online updates.


Take account of your needs and those of your family as well as your local community. This will be not just for any contract works to your home, estate or community but also to feedback into policies and procedures.


 Communicate with all residents, including those from diverse communities and under-represented groups.

Be Local

Offer local employment, either directly through Elkins its supply chain. This helps us tap into local knowledge as well as providing financial resilience to your community.


 Offer local residents job skills, support and training.


Set up resident workshops and conferences, including ‘Meet the contractor/buyer’ events, coffee mornings, DIY workshops and fun days.


Ensure you have the opportunity to complete a customer experience survey so we can capture your feedback on our performance. This will help in a post-works ‘lessons-learned’ review to highlight where we can improve our quality of service.

Further Support Information For Residents:

When you are not happy with the Service, we have provided our procedures will ensure that your issues are dealt with in a timely, courteous and professional manner.

All operatives will have clear identification so will carry photo ID cards and corporate logos on clothing to minimize the risk of anxiety to the elderly or vulnerable. Residents can request a password system of entry which can be discussed with the RLO or Project Manager during pre-start visits.

Work will be carried out in occupied property with total flexibility to work with the occupants and not disrupt their daily lives e.g. school runs, hospital appointments and other specific circumstances. A full clean will be carried out at the end of every day and all services reinstated or temporary facilities installed.

Our Resident Liaison Officer will put into place an action plan to resolve your issues, give you a timescale and details of how we will remedy these issues.

If we need to undertake works in, or to your home our Resident Liaison Officer will guide you through the process. They will visit you daily, or as agreed with you, when works are in progress. They will make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of our work and make sure that your home and property is being adequately protected.

We will always involve you from the outset of any proposed works. We do this to ensure that we fully understand your priorities, needs and any special requirements. We will also make sure that you understand what to expect from us whilst works are being carried in, or to your home.

To assist those whose first language is not English, or those who have special needs we can provide newsletters, resident information booklets and site signage in other languages or formats. Many of our Resident Liaison Officers have a second language. Where necessary we will involve an interpreter or advocate to assist you.

We understand that some vulnerable residents can become distressed by the upheaval of having works carried out in, or to their home. The relationship built up with our Resident Liaison Officer can be helpful in re-assuring any concerns that may be caused. In such a case we will communicate daily with you and/or your family members or your other carers.

Our Resident Liaison Officers and trade operatives are all trained in Customer Care, Equality, Diversity and Cultural Awareness.

All our staff and operatives hold a current disclosure and barring service check.

Our Commitment to Quality and excellent levels of Customer Service is assured by our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified Quality Management Systems.

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