Commercial, residential and industrial

Roofing is where it all began for Elkins, back in 1963. 60 years on, it remains one of our core areas of expertise. As an experienced contractor of choice for many organisations, we have a long-established reputation for delivering exceptional service within the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, for every type of roofing:

The type of roofing we undertake:

  • Monolithic hot rubber roofing systems

  • High performance and built-up felt roofing systems

  • Mastic asphalt

  • Single-ply membranes

  • Cold applied liquid waterproofing products

  • Pitched roofing, including slating and tiling

  • Metal tile-effect systems

  • Flat-to-pitch conversions

  • Sheet metal roofing and composite panel systems

  • Lead, zinc and copper roofing

  • Specialist projects, including asbestos-containing material removal and replacement

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