Operatives code of conduct

Our commitment to you

All our clients, colleagues and members of the public are entitled to consideration, understanding and respect whilst we carry out contract works.

Our operatives will:

• Behave in a courteous and respectful manner, at all times
• Work within contract-permitted hours and keep booked appointments.
• Wear company photographic identification at all times.
• Not smoke on site, unless in a pre-agreed smoking area.
• Provide all necessary protection for clients’ property and belongings.
• Not drink alcohol on site
• Protect the local environment including roads, paths, gardens, plants and trees where possible
• Not use customers’ toilets or washing facilities
• Not use customers’ gas, electricity, telephone or tools without prior agreement
• Not leave doors and windows unsecured when property is left empty
• Park all our vehicles responsibly in designated areas.
• Wear overalls and any personal safety equipment provided.
• Clean up at the end of each working day and make the area safe


All visits to a property must be made with a previously notified appointment. We always try to keep all booked appointments. If we fail to attend an appointment because of an emergency, or in unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you immediately to apologise, explain the situation and arrange another convenient appointment.


We understand that English is not always our clients’ first language. We will provide an interpreter if required and/or provide critical information in other suitable formats.


We will not use clients’ telephones unless in a medical, or life-threatening emergency. All our frontline staff and operatives are supplied with mobile phones.

Power Tools

Our operatives will only ever use their own, or hired-in, power tools and equipment. All electricity will be supplied from operatives’ batteries or through temporary site supplies.


In line with our diversity policy, we will not tolerate any acts of unlawful discrimination, derogatory, racist or sexual remarks, innuendo or harassment towards anyone.

Special needs

We will ensure any special needs or requirements for elderly, frail, sick, or disabled clients are planned, and taken into consideration when carrying out works. Where necessary, we will assist in arranging works with family, friends or carers to an agreed programme.

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