Kingswood Estate Externals

Southwark Council

Internal and external refurbishment of 30 residential blocks in Southwark.

A major programme of improvement works, including roof and window repairs, kitchen and bathroom replacements, and fire prevention work at Kingswood Estate.


Name: Kingswood Estate Externals

Client: Southwark Council / calfordseadan

Type: Refurbishment

Start Date: August 2021

Value:  16.6m


  • Repair/replacement of roofs and windows
  • External repairs to brick and concrete
  • Asphalt repairs to communal walkways
  • Fire risk assessment, compartmentation surveys and associated fire safety works, including installation of smoke and heat detectors
  • Communal and emergency lighting
  • Installation of Aereco mechanical ventilation system
  • Installation of incoming water main stop valves
  • Overground and underground drainage repairs
  • Replacement of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Electrical works
  • Central heating overhauls


  • Delays minimised
  • Improved living conditions for residents
  • Improved fire safety for the building
  • Residents given work experience/employment

Work programme and delivery

In August 2021, Elkins began work on a programme of major refurbishment works on the Kingswood Estate in West Dulwich for Southwark Council. Built in the 1950s and home to more than 1000 residents, the estate required significant refurbishment and repair work, internally and externally, across 30 residential blocks.

The scope of the project is extensive and includes the provision of scaffolding to allow for external brick and concrete repairs, roof repairs and window overhauls.

Internal works are being carried out in both communal areas of the buildings and the individual residences.

16 pilot kitchens and bathrooms have already been completed, including electrical upgrades, the installation of smoke and heat detectors, central heating upgrades, firestopping works and the installation of Aereco mechanical ventilation systems. These works were undertaken in advance of them being rolled out across the rest of the estate.

In other areas of the buildings, our works include: asphalt repairs to shared walkways; decoration to communal areas; overground and underground drainage repairs; installation of incoming water main stop valves; fire risk assessments and associated works; repairs and installation of lighting and emergency lighting in required communal areas.

Work on the project is ongoing and is set to be completed in Summer 2023.

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