Wood Wharf

Canary Wharf Contractors

Extensive roofing works for new Docklands development

Brown roof and more than 500 balconies fitted on new 42-floor A2/A3 block at Wood Wharf.


Name: Wood Wharf

Client: Canary Wharf Contractors

Type: Roofing

Duration: 18 months

Value: £2.59m


  • 526 balconies waterproofed using Bauder Cold applied systems
  • 526 fitted using Hyperion plastic decking including three large terrace areas
  • A brown roof installed on the 42nd floor using Eco Green Roofs
  • Four roof areas waterproofed using Bauder Hot Melt systems finished with ballast and paving
  • Waterproofing the perimeter of the building using Bauder Hot Melt systems


  • Effective COVID safety measures implemented quickly
  • Delays minimalised
  • No extra cost to client because of COVID-related issues

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