Henley Close

Southwark Council

External refurbishment works and roof repairs across four residential blocks in Rotherhithe

A major refurbishment programme comprising roof repairs and extensive external works, kitchen and bathroom replacements and fire safety improvements under the Quality Homes Improvement Programme.


Name: Henley Close

Client: Southwark Council

Type: Refurbishment and roofing

Value: £1.2m


  • Provision of scaffold equipment
  • Roof repairs
  • Window overhauls
  • Brick and concrete repairs
  • FED replacements
  • Intake cupboard door set replacement
  • Bin store door replacement
  • External decorations
  • RWG renewals
  • FRA works
  • Installation of new bin hoppers
  • Installation of new landlords lighting
  • Asphalt repairs
  • Replacement of communal balcony handrail
  • Replacement of rear balcony doors
  • Kitchen and bathroom installations
  • LD2 installations
  • CCTV drainage surveys


  • Improved living conditions for residents
  • Improved fire safety for properties
  • Residents kept informed of progress
  • Delays minimised
  • Apprenticeship/employment opportunities generated

Work programme and delivery

In April 2022, Elkins Construction was contracted to undertake a programme of major external refurbishment works to four residential blocks in Rotherhithe for Southwark Council.

The initial project scope required extensive repair and maintenance works to the exteriors of the buildings, including concrete and brick repairs, rainwater gutter (RWG) replacements, window glass and balcony door replacements, deep cleaning of window frames and facades, and decoration of various external and communal areas.

A significant part of the project involved repairs to the buildings’ roofs, which included the installation of 40 new roof vents and chimney repairs. Alongside this, the Elkins team conducted structural testing and CCTV drainage surveys on communal gullies and dye tests to private residents’ balconies, to identify any further necessary remedial works.

While the main bulk of work was external, some internal works were also required, including bathroom replacements for 16 properties and one additional w/c replacement.

Fire risk assessment (FRA) works were also undertaken to improve safety for residents. This involved compartmentation surveys, fire breaks to the loft, the replacement of fire exit and electrical intake doors, and the installation of electrical testing and smoke alarms.

Throughout the project, Elkins faced challenges, such as the identification of further necessary works, which broadened the project scope. Additionally, the team faced disruption caused by inclement weather conditions and industrial action on the railways, which resulted in inevitable delays. However, the site team worked hard to mitigate and minimise these delays wherever possible and was able to seamlessly incorporate additional work into the schedule, keeping stakeholders, including Southwark Council and residents apprised of the progress every step of the way.

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