Silverlock Estate

Southwark Council

Extensive internal and external refurbishment works for residential blocks on a large council estate in Rotherhithe.

A major programme of improvement works, including roof and window repairs, kitchen and bathroom replacements, and fire prevention works at Silverlock Estate.


Name: Silverlock Estate

Client: Southwark Council

Type: Refurbishment

Value: £2.76m


  • Asphalt repairs to communal walkways/private balconies
  • Communal balustrade overhaul
  • Roof repairs
  • Window repairs
  • Concrete repairs
  • Fire risk assessment works
  • Installation of smoke and heat detectors
  • FED replacement/overhaul
  • Kitchen and bathroom replacement
  • Electrical works
  • Intake cupboard door replacement
  • Asbestos removal
  • Other minor building works


  • Delays minimised
  • Improved living conditions for residents
  • Improved fire safety for the building
  • Support for Silverlock TRA community events
  • Apprenticeship/employment opportunities generated

Work programme and delivery

Built in 1979, Silverlock Estate in Rotherhithe has numerous mid-rise blocks of social housing between four and six storeys in height. Elkins Construction was engaged by London Borough of Southwark to undertake extensive internal and external refurbishment to the estate as part of the UK Government’s 2017/18 Quality Homes Improvement Programme.

The scope of the refurbishment work included extensive repairs to many external areas. The estate has a sprawling network of outdoor walkways and staircases linking different areas of the buildings, which required repairs to the asphalt and an overhaul of the balustrades. Other major external areas requiring repair included the roofs, windows, and concrete, all of which have gradually degraded since the estate was originally constructed.

Elkins was also tasked with upgrading facilities in private residences, which included replacing a number of kitchens and bathrooms and repairing asphalt on balconies. The team also carried out electrical works throughout the buildings in both private and communal areas and constructed fire rated shaft walls to the services risers in the kitchens and bathrooms.

One major aspect of project was increasing safety for residents, which included the removal of asbestos, and fire prevention works. Fire risk assessments (FRA) were conducted across the site in the first instance to identify any areas requiring improvement. Subsequently, new smoke and heat detectors were installed, and intake cupboard doors, low level bin store doors and FEDs were all replaced.

Community initiatives

We worked closely with the local community throughout our time on the site, building a close relationship with Silverlock TRA, who run many events throughout the year for the estate’s residents.

Over the course of the project, we donated to various events, which included a Jubilee Party, Over 50s Christmas Party, and various fundraising events for Macmillan Cancer Support. Members of the site team and Elkins’ Social Value Manager also attended and volunteered at several of the events. Gill Davis, Chair of Silverlock Estate TRA, said: “We’re grateful for Elkins’ continued support, which helps make these events possible.”

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