The Gatehouse

Southwark Council

Extensive refurbishment programme provides improved living conditions for residents

A major works programme at The Gatehouse for Southwark Council, including the demolition and renewal of three ground floor properties and major repairs and refurbishments across residential and communal areas in the whole block.


Name: The Gatehouse

Client: Southwark Council

Type: Refurbishment

Start Date: February 2022

Value: £3.36m


  • Excavation exposing building foundations to knock through three ground floor flats
  • Joists of demolished flats reinstated for new flats with full fit out
  • Casting of new stable slab to support building
  • Kitchen and bathroom renewals
  • Communal repairs and firestopping works
  • Window replacements
  • Re-routing drainage runs
  • Rising Lateral Mains replaced
  • Ground floor façades replaced
  • Extensive concrete and brickwork repairs to façades
  • Reinstatement of compound area


  • Residents fully engaged
  • Delays minimised
  • Improved living conditions for residents
  • Improved fire safety for the building
  • Residents given work experience/employment

Work programme and delivery

The Elkins team began work on this major refurbishment project at The Gatehouse, for Southwark Council in February 2022. Situated between Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, the residential building requires extensive repairs and renewal across the whole block.

The project presents a big challenge, as some of the biggest structural work required is to the three ground floor flats, which need to be completely demolished, replaced and re-fitted. Plenty of preparation work has been required to allow us to expose the foundations of the building to basement level. Existing pile works have been retained and additional piling installed 6m into the ground from the basement level. Additionally, steelwork has been installed to support the building during the excavation.

The external façade of the building has taken a bit of a battering over the years, particularly at ground level, and requires extensive repairs to the concrete and brickwork, which will also be chemically cleaned and repainted, across the whole block. The ground floor façade will be completely removed, rebuilt and rendered during the demolition of the flats.

Turning to the inside, all windows are set to be replaced, as well as all the doors in communal areas. Additional firestopping measures are also being put in place to make the building safer. Every individual property in the block will be re-wired and will have a new kitchen and bathroom installed.

Work on the project is ongoing and is set to be completed in 2023.

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